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Delivery & Return policy

Delivery policy

  1. We cannot deliver any order before 48 hours, and the delivery team will contact the customer in advance to confirm the date & approximate time.
  2. We are committed to deliver your order to your home, however, in case the furniture cannot go inside the lift or on the stairs, and a winch is needed, the cost of the winch will be at the customer’s account.
  3. To avoid any inconvenience, the customer is requested to make sure of the dimensions of his room & of the selected furniture, because we cannot be held responsible of wrong dimensions taken by the customer.
  4. The customer must inform us in advance of any additional service he might require from the delivery team because the team cannot respond to any request if not indicated on the invoice. We reserve the right to accept or reject the required service which will be against a fee if accepted.
  5. The customer should make sure that the room is empty to receive the new furniture because our teams are not authorized to remove the old furniture.
  6. Disposal of old furniture cannot be made by our delivery teams.
  7. Shifting of old furniture is possible if pre-requested and against a pre-quoted fee.

Return policy

  1. Once the furniture is delivered & received by the client in good order & condition, it cannot be returned nor exchanged.
  2. In case of any issue with any furniture after delivery, we provide a service after sale through our competent technicians.