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Head Office: 01-293333


  • How old is Citifurniture?

    Citifurniture started in 1986 and is still actively growing in the market.
  • How many branches are there & where?

    2 branches, one in Furn El Chebak behind Alfa building, one in Dbaye on the main highway, after Le Mall & GS.
  • What does your range of products include?

    Master, young & kids bedrooms, Sofa sets, dining rooms, recliners, tables & chairs, paintings & other accessories, office furniture, outdoor furniture.
  • Do you customize?

    Yes, we do.
  • Do you have a service after sale?

    Of course, we stay always behind our customers.
  • How fast you can deliver?

    We require 48 hours from the purchase date to deliver subject that the full amount is paid.
  • Do you repair & refurbish furniture?

    Yes we do, you submit a request through our sales team, we come back to you with a cost & you can then decide.